Test Equipment Rental



Test Equipment Rental

Projectech focuses on providing a quality service to our customers and this extends to our range of test equipment. We have a range of quality test equipment for hire including Omicron, Fluke, HV Diagnostics and Megger test sets.

Primary Test Equipment

Omicron CPC100s (Substation Testers)
Omicron CTAs (CT and VT Testers)
HV Diagnostics VLF 28 TD Test Sets
10 kV Fluke IR Testers
200 A Micro-Ohmmeters
10 A Micro-Ohmmeters

Secondary & Ancillary Test Equipment

Omicron CMC356 Universal Relay Test Sets
Omicron CMGPS Sync Clocks
Omicron ARC256x Arc Flash Initiators
Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality & Energy Analysers
Variable DC Power Supplies

Transformer Test Equipment

Omicron CPC100 (Substation Testers)
Omicron CP TD1 Power/Dissipation Factor and Capacitance Test Units
Transformer Vacuum Dryout Unit TVD

Asset Management Equipment

FLIR E8 Infrared Camera with MSX
UltraTEV PlusĀ² Partial Discharge Tester

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