Transformer Oil Reconditioning

Transformer Oil Conditioning

The chemical and physical properties of transformer oil have a big impact on the insulation cellulose in the transformer. Because the transformer oil is easier to maintain than the insulation, it is important to keep the oil in good condition to obtain a long lifetime of the transformer. The presence of moisture and oxygen in the transformer speeds up the ageing process of the organic products. During the ageing process, organic oxides, such as acids, aldehydes and esters are formed.

Projectech utilises a Transformer Vacuum Dryout Unit that allows a transformer to remain in-service while moisture and combustible gases and oxygen are effectively removed from its insulation. The machine is designed to operate unmanned for periods of a week at a time. There are various interlocks that will shut the machine down in the event of a leak or failure of any sort.

By circulating the dehydrated oil through the transformer, the cellulose material inside the transformer is also dried, as moisture will gradually migrate into the dry oil from the cellulose. An in-line moisture meter is fitted to this unit to enable inlet and outlet moisture levels and temperature to be assessed in the field.

The TVD provides a non-intrusive, cost effective and convenient method of maintaining transformers in a dry condition.